Department of Public Works

POC: Ms. Cristal Fosbrook

730 Quartermaster Road #6500 Fort Richardson, Alaska 99505

Telephone: (907) 384-3044

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Chemical Warfare Materials (CWM) Dredging Operations, Eagle River Flats and Sediment Analysis, Fort Richardson, Alaska

ChemTrack performed remote-controlled dredging operations for removal of toxic material from sediments. This was a superfund site consisting of several thousand acres of wetlands containing white phosphorus from unexploded ordnance. The white phosphorus has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of migratory waterfowl yearly. ChemTrack designed the intake structure to the dredge so that unexploded ordnance could safety be separated from the sediments. In addition to the dredging operations, ChemTrack conducted white phosphorus sample analysis using gas chromatography.

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