US Forest Service

POC: Denise Murphy

3301 C Street, Suite 300Anchorage, AK 99503

Telephone: (907) 743-9531

Completion Date: 2007


US Forest Service, Cordova, Alaska

Excavate, test, stockpile, remove, and treat/dispose of contaminated soil associated with a fuel oil spill at the Forest Service Cordova Residence #1.  Excavate and remove the existing underground fuel line for the fuel oil tank to the building.  Backfill and compact the excavated areas with suitable fill material.  Construct a new concrete pad and move the existing 500 gallon a/g fuel tank.  Re-plumb the tank to the existing furnace. A ChemTrack ADEC Qualified Person tested and sampled the excavated material and provide documentation of the test results and proper treatment or disposal.

In Anchorage call (907) 349-2511 or toll free 1-800-770-2512 FAX (907) 522-3150
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