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POC: Dave Frandsen

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Completion Date: Nov 2009


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Taku Gardens, Fort Wainwright, Alaska

The scope of this project was to support existing 16’ x 24’ garage slab with six helical piers while the contaminated soils below were removed and replaced. This included clearing the soil for UXOs. Each pier can support a minimum of 10 kips with 12 feet of unsupported length. All of the helical piers were drilled to a minimum of 21 feet BGS with a minimum torque of 10,000 ft-lbs. Once the soil was removed air entrained light weight concrete backfill was pumped into the space.

Helical Piers are screwed into the soil, not driven or vibrated, nor is a hole dug or drilled. The soil around the pier remains undisturbed. Predictable holding capacity is achieved by monitoring installation torque of the pile during construction. Monitoring installation is similar to monitoring blow counts of driven piles for predicting pile capacity. Helical piers are ideal in areas of limited access, such areas with low overhead or width restrictions. Installation is unaffected by weather or high water table.

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