M-B Contracting Co.

POC: Jack Miller
c/o Dawn Harrison

207 E. Northern Lights Blvd, Suite 122 Anchorage, AK 99503

Telephone: (907) 244-1885

Completion Date:
December 2005


MB Contracting Co Anchorage, Alaska

Project included in-situ remediation of TCE (RCRA Wastes) contaminated soil and groundwater. In addition, ChemTrack conducted excavation of drums and debris from the 80 acre site and excavated 10,000 cubic yards of diesel (DRO/RRO) contaminated soil for land spreading per ADEC requirements.

ChemTrack was responsible for Site Characterization, Site Assessment, PID field-screening, development of a site-specific work plan, Health & Safety Plan, Sampling & Analysis Plan.

ChemTrack conducted an ADEC and EPA approved pilot project for in-situ oxidation of Tetrachloroethene in soil and groundwater. After a successful pilot project, ADEC approved a field application of the oxidant solution.

For surface contamination ChemTrack treated surface soil by directly mixing oxidant solution with contaminated soil.

Contaminated groundwater and subsurface soil were treated by application of oxidant solution through a series of injection and extraction wells.  Groundwater monitoring data indicated that the ADEC Cleanup Levels were met.

In addition to TCE contaminants, ChemTrack conducted extensive Site Characterization including PID field screened to determine areas impacted by DRO and RRO contaminants.  Approximately 300 surface stained areas were identified, characterized, and excavated producing an estimated 10,000 CY of soil. 

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