Defense Fuel Supply center

POC: Mr. Bob Dreyer

555 Cordova Street Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Telephone: (907) 269-7500

Completion Date:
March 1994


Jet Fuel (JP-8) Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Remediation Project, Defense Fuel Supply Center, Indian, Alaska

ChemTrack designed, built and operated the groundwater remediation system for removal of jet fuels.  System was composed of oil/water separators, floc pond and setting basin, multi-media sand filters, and GAC system for hydrocarbon absorption.  The system was capable of treating up to 240 gpm.

Analytical services included on-site mobile laboratory.  ChemTrack developed written protocols and QA/QC procedures in coordination with state and federal regulations for field documentation of hydrocarbons and various other water quality parameters including pH turbidity, TDS, and conductance.

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