Stan Slagle

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Completion Date:
March 1999


BIA 27-Acre Administrative Site, Lagoon Decommissioning, Bethel, Alaska

ChemTrack prepared all required documentation for the field, managed the project, created necessary forms, work plans, Site Safety and Health plans, and produced the Technical Reports for close out. ChemTrack was responsible for remedial action at the Bethel BIA Administrative Site. Work included dewatering of a 1.6 million gallon sewage lagoon, capping the remaining sludge with a 4 to 6 foot layer of fill placed on top of geotextile fabric, contouring, seeding and fencing the entire area of the lagoon. Eleven monitoring wells were decommissioned and 120 thousand pounds of PCB and DDT contaminates soil was excavated, collected and shipped to a disposal facility.

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