Federal Aviation Administration

POC: Rusty Murphy

222 W. 7th Avenue #14 Anchorage, AK 99513 Telephone: (907) 271-5361

Completion Date: Current








Federal Aviation Administration

POC: Judy Gustafson

222 W. 7th Avenue #14 Anchorage, AK 99513 Telephone: (907) 271-4561

Completion Date: June 2006


King Salmon Underground Storage Tank Removal , King Salmon, Alaska

The project scope of work included the removal and disposal of two 500-gallon regulated underground storage tanks and their contents. In addition, associated piping, bollards, guardrail material, electrical conductors and conduits were also removed.




Moose Point Above ground Storage Tank Removal, Moose Point, Alaska

The scope of work included providing all equipment, supplies and labor to remove and dispose of remaining infrastructure associated with the former Moose Point NDB.

The remaining infrastructure includes the following:

  • Two empty 5000-gallon AST’s
  • Associated wooden tank cradles
  • Metal tower parts
  • 24 wooden piling (5 ft to 10 ft long)
  • 150 feet of shallow buried 3-in fuel pipeline
  • Two 3ft by 2ft by 2ft concrete slabs

In Anchorage call (907) 349-2511 or toll free 1-800-770-2512 FAX (907) 522-3150
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